Consider the following when choosing an attorney to represent you. Finding an experienced and reputable attorney in a DUI case can be an extensive and trying process.

  • Review American Bar Association Journal articles for DUI specialization.
  • Do the quoted fees include DMV hearing, expert fees, blood reanalysis, trial, etc.?
  • Does the attorney have an Approved Board Certification (ABA) from the National College for DUI Defense?
  • Avoid attorneys who make promises of results. Ask for a written contract for all charges and services.
  • Ask an officer who they would select if arrested for DUI.

What will it cost to retain a DUI attorney to defend me?

DUI attorney fees will vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: reputation, experience, specialization, accident/injuries, speeding, children in car, blood-alcohol level, test refusal, prior criminal record, and more.

Make sure to consider the experience and reputation of the attorney as well as their ability to expose weaknesses in prosecution cases.

Beware of Low Charging Attorneys

Low fees do not justify the time, attention, and the court appearance, necessary to achieve a favorable result. These same attorneys may try to handle cases by phone. Which is an ineffective, and nearly impossible, approach to defend against a suspension. Watch out for attorneys that are inexperienced, have a poor reputation, or inability to specialize in this complex field.

Always ask to meet your attorney in person. Be sure to demand reliable information. Ask to view their defense experience and their credentials such as where they practiced law and their graduation dates and certificates. A clear indicator of lack of credentials or experience is if this information is not readily available on the firm’s website.

Avoid attorneys who:

  1. Have graduated from unaccredited colleges and law schools
  2. Have little experience as an attorney or in the DUI field
  3. Attempt to represent clients charged with a wide range of criminal offenses rather than focusing on DUI defense
  4. Pay for advertising on radio, TV, in newspapers or via mail (so-called “jail mail”)
  5. Claim high “win rates” in court or at DMV hearings
  6. Make promises as to results and falsely advertise themselves to be authors of DUI defense books that are, in fact, self-published for advertising purposes only

At the Guyer Law Offices our fees do not include any hidden charges. We accept credit cards and offer payment plans. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality representation at a competitive cost. We look forward to helping you. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss fees without any obligation or cost.

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