It’s never easy to pick an attorney and mostly they come via referrals. But what if that isn’t a resource for you? Here’s what you probably do. You go on the Internet and do a Google Search based on your keywords. That’s fine. Then you research and review their websites. Here, we want to help take some of the guesswork out and we’ve created 4 Simple things to look for when hiring an attorney. To begin:

  • Experience– While this may seem like a no brainer when hiring an attorney, very few people look at the level of experience that someone may have when they hire their lawyer. As of late, the website is a good sign of success. Is the messaging clear? Does it describe who the person or practice is? What about their staff? Is their history identified on the site? What about images or videos that show their level of knowledge and experience? Do they have an abundance of social media, or are they more focused on their practice and their clients? Maybe a little bit of both. We feel that people should feel comfortable when viewing our site than worrying about how much social media we post. We’re a focused legal practice as it should be!
  • Education– Where did they attend school and when? Are you comfortable hiring someone that just graduated from a high-end University or one that graduated from a similar law school but also has decades of experience in the field? At the Law Offices of Ed Guyer, we have over 30-years’ experience practicing law, and we primarily focus on DUI and DWI cases. So much, other attorney’s come to us for guidance and assistance. We work with the DMV and help you do the same. Once you get a DUI, you might think you’re going to jail. Relax, we often have ways to put your mind at ease. There are other options available. 
  • Skill Set– The word specialist isn’t used in the legal world. That might seem odd because theoretically, people view a divorce attorney as a specialist. That may be their primary focus and best to hire someone that has the known and recognized skill set for what your needs are. If you are a white-collar crime criminal, the options may be vast. However, if you get a DUI you might want to focus on someone that not only understands the DUI laws for your County and State but one that also puts their energy into this particular practice. At the Law Offices of Ed Guyer, we don’t suggest you shouldn’t hire a reputable attorney that you’re comfortable with, but we do know our focus on DUI that can make a difference in your case. We also know the Montgomery County (and surrounding counties) court systems and cross paths with prosecutors, police officers and judges all the time. This has no bearing on the outcome of your case, but it does help that they aren’t strangers.
  • Reputation– Testimonials are an essential part of anyone’s reputation, but often people are hard-pressed to write a testimonial with their name, which lacks credibility. Focus less on personal testimonies and see if they have experience working and helping or assisting other attorneys. Are you getting educated when reading news and information on the website? Find trust with us online, then a phone call, then an in-person meeting then onward.

We hope this helps you make some more educated decisions when choosing an attorney. Whether it’s us or not, we want you to be protected. That’s because we stand behind the mission statement of, We Care About Our Clients. You should care about the attorney you hire!

Lastly: Add us to your contacts: 215.542.9333 or email Because when you’re drinking, you’re not thinking – So don’t wait until it’s too late.

What to look for when hiring an attorney