Sealing Your Record or Expungement of Your Criminal Charges: Read More

In this article we’re going to discuss the process of expunging your criminal record in the State of PA. County by county may vary so your best defense is to hire the Law Offices of Ed Guyer to help you navigate your way through the sea of confusion. This is a legal issue and one that an attorney should handle for you. Please add Ed Guyer Law to your contacts and use keywords like DUI, Criminal Records, DWI Defense somewhere in the notes section. Be sure to add email and phone as: or 215.542.9333.

To begin let’s start with your actual crime. If it’s a DUI, DWI, Fraud or a White-Collar Crime, Theft, Traffic Violations, we can help. We will review your case directly with you and begin the process. First, we’d like to educated you a bit.

On November 28, 2016, in Harrisburg, PA, Governor Tom Wolf reminded Pennsylvanians that Act 5 of 2016 is now in effect which expands criminal record sealing for many low-level misdemeanors in Pennsylvania to reduce recidivism (that is: the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend.), relieve the pardon system, and provide ex-offenders greater opportunity to join the workforce. The bill was enacted because of significant efforts by Senator, Stewart J. Greenleaf and Representative Jordan Harris.

A criminal record often carries a lifetime of consequences that may and usually does lead to poverty or even re-incarnation. Tom Wolf stated “this law is a commonsense, positive and an unprecedented step to help Pennsylvanians with minor or dated criminal records a fighting chance at opportunities for gainful employment.

Moreover, the cost of NOT helping citizens restore their lives via this law is also costing taxpayers far too much money.

What is Act 5 you may be thinking. Act 5 amended Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) is to allow individuals who have served their punishment and remained free of arrest, prosecution, or conviction for ten years, for nonviolent misdemeanors, to petition the court for their record to be sealed from public view, but still available to law enforcement and state licensing agencies.

Act 5 does not provide orders of limited access for any felony or first-degree misdemeanor.  Other exceptions are made for certain misdemeanors, such as sex offenses.

Watch these videos of Ed Guyer talk about your ability to expunge or seal your records and always remember that a criminal record often carries a lifetime of consequences, and even a minor criminal record can be a serious impediment to employment, housing, education and training, public assistance, financial empowerment, and more.

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