In the event you get a DUI/DWI you may be wondering, should you get an Attorney?  The definitive answer is YES. And here’s why!

Trying to handle your DUI case without an attorney is generally a bad idea. A DUI is a criminal offense that carries serious consequences. Even a first conviction can lead to jail time, expensive fines, and license suspension. And aggravating factors — like prior convictions, a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), or an accident — can increase the already-severe penalties.

Also, DUI law is complicated and constantly changing. It’s easy to get tripped up in the legal nuances or misinterpret the law altogether. We focus on and stay current of recent changes in DUI law, and will likely increase the chances for you of receiving a favorable outcome.

We recognize that hiring an attorney certainly involves spending money. But in many cases, it’s well worth the investment. Our testimonials from clients and even other lawyer’s endorsements, can support this claim.

We’ve written before about hiring a Lawyer but you may read more here from one of our posts entitled: What To Look For When Hiring An Attorney.

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