Jail Time or Losing Your License: Read More

After you get pulled over and suspected of a DUI you go through a series of mandatory testing by the police officer. If found that your BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) is .08 or higher, you will be charged but not yet convicted of a DUI and this is often a confusing event. Instantly you may think, uh oh. Jail Time. Then you might be thinking you’re going to lose your license. We want to set the record straight and ease your mind.

A convicted 1st offense driver is looking at 0-72 hours in jail, six months’ probation/parole (depending upon the alcohol level and/or drugs), $300 to $5,000 in fines, and a 12-month license suspension. The motorist will also have to complete an alcohol safety class and may be required to participate in substance abuse treatment. DUIs with a minor passenger.

But you’re not yet convicted. You’ve been arrested, that’s different.  It’s also why we’re here. We want to show you that there are options and also why you need to hire an attorney after the arrest so you don’t take this task on alone. We understand that it’s scary and you’re not thinking clearly but we know the laws better than anyone.

A DUI defense lawyer can help you move past these charges and help you get on with your life without such severe penalties.

We’ve written quite a bit of information already on the DUI Arrest and how to expunge your record if you’ve already experienced a DUI in the past and we encourage you to read these articles.

All in all – there are options and we know how to help. Take the time and peruse our site for more information at The Law Offices of Ed Guyer; 215.542.9333 or email us at: elg@paduilawyer.com. Feel free to visit our website at www.edguyerlawyer.com.

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